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About Us

Maxus is a division of SAIC (Shanghai Automobile and Industrial Corporation), the largest automotive manufacturer in China. A Fortune Global 500 company, SAIC sold almost 6 million vehicles in 2015 and has formed joint ventures with Volkswagen and General Motors. In 2009 SAIC acquired the commercial vehicles division of British Motor Corporation which included the LDV platform.

In addition to production of the Maxus, SAIC sells vehicles under a variety of badges. Brand names that are exclusive to SAIC include MG, Roewe, and Yuejin. Products produced by SAIC joint venture companies are sold under other marques including Buick, Chevrolet, Iveco, Skoda, Volkswagen and Wuling. The SAIC Group also has interests in a number of vehicle component businesses as well as supporting automotive services such as automotive financing.

Through a spirit of independent innovation and focus on consumer and environmental demands, the SAIC Group is now Forbes magazine’s 10th most powerful automotive company in the world.


Driven by technology   progress with the future of the industry

SAIC MAXUS gathers leading resources from worldwide and is driven by technology and sees industry leadership as its mission. SAIC MAXUS dedicates to establish a technology conceptual platform that is competitive internationally. As the pioneer that promotes the industry revolution, SAIC MAXUS moves forward together with the future of the industry.

Rooted by trust    marching to the future of consumers

SAIC MAXUS dedicates to meet the needs of global customers and progress with the future of the consumers based on trust and with the support of global R&D, standardized manufacturing, Fortune 500 spare part supplier, carefree service and various other competitive advantages.

Guided by ambition   progress with the future of time

SAIC MAXUS continuously push for the development trend of new era commercial vehicle with its enterprising and innovative spirit. SAIC MAXUS dedicates to become a comprehensive commercial vehicle producer with a broad product category, leading the trend and progressing with the future of the era.